let’s go on an adventure

After years of debating,oohing and awing at the Raspberry PI which is a credit card sized computer that is programmable to do what ever you want it to do. I decided to get my hands on the new Raspberry PI 2 Model B– ARMv7 with a whopping QUAD CORE Processor and 1GB RAM @ a whopping $44.95CAD!  What make’s them even more special is that they function as a charity with a vision that all kids around the world should have access to one of these nifty devices to learn the basics of computer and software programming.


Now by no means am I an experienced or educated coder, but I have some familiarity with coding and with the trusty help of the inter web, I’m sure I can make this baby work. Heck, I do design sound and video systems for a living so I do have some working knowledge of processing powers, power that’s needed etc etc.

Yes, I may be over generalizing my job and the power of this computer, but I’m ready to pick apart my brain to ignite my inner geek goddess. hehe.

To find out more info about the Raspberry PI check out: http://www.raspberrypi.org

– your partner in crime


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